What WOMEN say about 8minuteDating

What men say about 8minuteDating

I was pleasantly surprised to find a very nice group of people. All were very respectful and reasonable...not the bottom-of-the-barrel dregs of the earth that I was expecting to find at an event like this! The event organizer was wonderful...very personable and the perfect hostess.


Ladies, take it from me. I'm 39 and I've tried just about everything. 8-minute dating is the best means of meeting men out there! Friendly, fun and totally low pressure! And, an excellent value to boot (but I don't want to emphasize that too much or Tom may raise his prices-- %##*x@!)


What an enjoyable way to meet nice professional people! In fact I couldn't think of a better way. Each date went by so quickly. Any single person should sign up right away.


It's been great! Our first date was that Friday, and we had a wonderful time. We laughed, talked, ate sushi, and suddenly it was almost midnight, so we went out to listen to some blues where we kept talking and laughing until the wee hours. It was terrific to find someone with enough similar interests that we can talk, laugh, and have fun together, but enough differences that each of us learns something new every time we're together. We've had 2 more dates since then which we have both thoroughly enjoyed, and we talk over e-mail almost every day. He's a great guy, and I'm sure we'll see one another again. I think we have great potential, so a big thank you for providing the forum where we met.


I made a terrific match. We went out on a date and had a great time. We're both still dating so it was definitely worth attending the event. Plus it was a lot of fun...


The hardest part is just walking in the front door. After that, it was easy!


At this event I had a "friendship" match: The guy reminded me so much of my single girlfriend, I thought they'd be a good match. (I'm always looking out for my friends.) So, I used most of the 8 minutes to tell him about her--and he was interested! They've gone on ONE date and are soon to go on date #2!! I'll keep you posted.


What men say about 8minuteDating

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