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2009 Print Coverage

Naperville Local Trib - February 21, 2011

Singles Find Love in Just Eight Minutes

Easy Way to Happiness - December 3, 2009

"I tried this at 8 Minute Dating in Edmonton, when I went there for business, and landed a date for my second night there."

St. Petersburg Times - May 22, 2009

Murder for Hire and 8 Minute Dating have teamed up to offer guests a little bit of murder mystery and a little bit of dating.

2008 Print Coverage

Ezine Articles - 8 Minute Dating Secrets - August 20, 2008

"Listen intently. Make eye contact and flash that magnetic smile."

CityPages - Minneapolis, MN - June 18, 2008

"Almost everyone seemed to have found someone special. Bruce, the football stud, was leaving with an ex-cheerleader. Craig was snuggled up in the corner with some shy girl; Chuck was trying to look down a woman's shirt. Even Roberto was reclining in a booth surrounded by a swarm of giggling girls."

CBS News - "Speed-Dating" Put To Test - May 22, 2008

8MinuteDating organizer Dave Cervini, who's also with The New York Social Network, outlined speed-dating procedures and plusses for co-anchor Julie Chen.
The Early Show TV segment can be found at

CBS News - The Early Show - May 7, 2008

Looking For Love? How To Date In 2008. The Early Show's fun look at the singles scene nowadays, including a “speed-dating”-type event on our plaza, run by 8MinuteDating

Just Babs - BlogSpot - March 3, 2008

Attended an 8-Minute Dating Event and scored 4 follow-up dates. I don't do math, but I think that percentage is pretty darn good.

CNET TV - February 14, 2008

San Francisco EO Scott Swanson discusses 8minuteDating. Scott's segment comes up at 21:42 (about 11 minutes into the show) and runs until 16:00.

Food industry market - February 1, 2008

Little Penguin Wines and Dating Diva Jacqui Malouf Help Urban Penguins Perfect Their Dating Rituals

Club 555 And 8 Minute Dating - January 4, 2008

Club 555 Networks and have formed a partnership to offer speed dating events to the thousands of members.

Miami Herald - January 4, 2008

Put These Hunks on YOUR Calendar

2007 Print Coverage

Buffalo Rising Online - September 23, 2007

"8 Minute Dating for UB Alumni". "According to Resetarits, ninety-nine percent of participants report that they enjoyed 8minuteDating, ninety percent meet someone they want to see again, and sixty-two percent receive a mutual match. Compare that to the bar scene."

MSNBC - USA - February 9th, 2007

8minuteDating was founded by Tom Jaffee in 2001, and now has more than 60000 customers in both the United States and Canada. ...

2006 Print Coverage

Towson Times - September 28th, 2006

"Enter 8 Minute Dating, the newest addition to the annual Senior Expo/Baby Boomer Expo"

Los Angeles Times - May 29th, 2006

"'There's an expression in sports known as 'playing out of your mind,' " says Tom Jaffee, founder and chief executive of"

New York Daily News - New York,NY,USA - April 19th, 2006

"it's okay for a guy to joke about how he didn't like a chick flick," says Tom Jaffee, CEO and founder of"

Westerly Sun - Westerly,RI,USA - March 10th, 2006

"One Westerly restaurant plans to host the town's first ever evening of speed dating..."

Times & Courier - Eastern Massachusetts - February 2006

"Everyone I spoke with told me they had fun and had met someone they would like to speak with again"

Bradenton Herald - FL, United States - February 14th, 2006

"Mia: This certainly was the most practical approach to dating I've ever seen."

Midland Daily News - January 26th, 2006

"If you really like somebody, you will know within eight minutes."

The Bay City Times - January 7th, 2006

"Valentine's Day is fast approaching. Do you have a date? How about eight minutes?"

2005 Print Coverage

Chesterfield Journal - December 14th, 2005

"When traditional methods of meeting people to date fail - i.e., bars, work, fix-ups - St. Louis singles are finding alternative means to find the right people."

Braintree Forum - November 30th, 2005

"Tired of spending oodles of money in Boston on expensive nights out only to come home broke - and alone? Look no further!"

News 8 Austin - February 17, 2005

"Looking for love in the personal ads may be a thing of the past."

Altoona Mirror - January 18, 2005

"She said that eight minutes is just enough time to tell whether or not she would be interested in seeing someone again."

2004 Print Coverage

Daily Titan - September 30th, 2004

"Eight-minute dating is the easiest, safest and most enjoyable way for single professionals to meet new people to date"

China Daily - September 1st, 2004

"I hope it will grow into a giant like the 8-minute dating company in the US and open many branches all over China."

Buffalo News - August 23rd, 2004

"DiPasquale proposed in November 2003, on a pier near Cape Ann, Mass."

HippoPress - August 5th, 2004

“Let the walls come down and be yourself: people aren’t there to play games—they’re there to meet someone,” Lambert said. “You’d be surprised how much you can learn about somebody in eight minutes.”

Norwich Bulletin - July 12th, 2004

" the Mohegan Sun's Dubliner, Barnard and other singles became engrossed in conversation, accompanied by champagne."

Cape Cod Times - June 21st, 2004

"Singles have gathered under the Bourne Bridge, at Quintal's Restaurant, for an 8minuteDating event."

Fetch Magazine, Milwaukee - May/June 2004

"A pooch surveys the field as its owner tries to make a connection"

Reader's Digest - April 8th, 2004

"Reader’s Digest includes in its First Annual “America’s 100 Best” Issue"

SNPonline, Columbus, Ohio - March 3rd, 2004

"On this particular night, they were joined by thousands of others who were taking part in 8minuteDating events throughout the United States."

The Harness Link - March 15th, 2004

"The nation's most popular speed dating program, 8minuteDating, makes a stop at the Meadowlands Racetrack"

The Washington Post - February 22nd, 2004

""You evaluate people not just romantically, but also as "friendship" or "business" contacts.""

New Jersey's Courier News - February 15th, 2004

"In fact, at least 100 of them had eight dates that night."

Pittsburgh Post Gazette - February 13th, 2004

"Three minutes is enough to rule someone out but not enough to be sure" you want to rule someone in"

The Phoenixville News - February 12th, 2004

"The night features "testimonials from jilted lovers," a "heartbreak piñata," "sappy movie moments," a divorce lawyer, black carnations, and "8 Minute Dating."

Lavender Magazine - February 6th, 2004

"Minneapolis's next Gay event takes place at Jitters Bar and Cafe."

Courier Post Online - January 20th, 2004

"Here is a perfect way to go out with friends, have some drinks and talk to 10 single women."

The Boulder Daily Camera - January 16th, 2004

"The infamous 8minuteDating has again crept into Boulder, into our very own Reef"

2003 Print Coverage

Baltimore Sun - December, 30th 2003

"In 8minuteDating, where I've had the best results, you meet eight people for eight minutes each."

BC Magazine - Asia's Hottest Entertainment Magazine - December, 12th 2003

"8minuteDating offers matches in three categories (second date, friendship and business)"

KCRG-TV News - November, 16th 2003

"Single, young professionals in Cedar Rapids were meeting each other at the first eight-minute dating event in January."

USA Today - November, 12th 2003

"Nonetheless, the new ways work, at least according to their champions. 8minuteDating estimates that it has sparked around 100 engagements and marriages out of about 104,600 users — and those are only the known stories."

WBZ4 - November, 11th 2003

"There's no sense in lying about it, I'm definitely into physical attraction."

San Francisco Chronicle - October, 26th 2003

"The event...was co-hosted by Macy's West, Men's Health magazine, Cole Haan shoes and"

The Campbell Reporter - September, 17th 2003

"You get a good chance to talk and present yourself," he said. "Some networking also happens."

El Paso Times - August, 16th 2003

"It was probably the best experience I've had in the single world," he said

San Antonio Express-News - August, 3rd 2003

" really goes fast. It re-creates the singles scene without the pick-up line."

St. Louis Today - July, 27th 2003

"But, what the heck, I thought, I'll give 8minuteDating a try. At least if I don't like somebody, I won't have to be around them very long. Here's the shocker: I had a great time. "

Miami New Times - July, 3rd 2003

"This event takes out the awkwardness of starting a conversation... If I'm at a bar, I have to wait for someone to talk to me. Here, we're all coming for the same reason..."

ABC News - June, 18th 2003

Unlike most online dating services, Jaffee notes that with 8minuteDating, people "meet right away, they can establish right away if they have enjoyed meeting..."

Houston Chronicle - May, 7th 2003

"With a regular blind date, you're stuck with them all night. But this way, if the other person doesn't work out, you move on."

San Jose Mercury News - April, 25th 2003

"...everyone I spoke to was pleasant and the whole experience was less awkward than approaching a stranger in a Learning Annex class."

Bay Windows - March, 20th 2003

"Our last gay event had over 60 participants and the post-event feedback was overwhelmingly positive," said Jaffe. "We want to be known as the best way for gay people to meet others who are interested in a relationship."

Bay Windows - February, 13th 2003

"You get body language, voice intonations, and all the stuff you can't get online and all the stuff that you're not necessarily going to get at clubs."

Long Beach Press Telegram - February, 11th 2003

"I think it's the wave of the future."

NBC 17 - February, 6th 2003

"At a bar, you might not meet people who are interested in having a relationship."

Portland Press Herald - January, 26th 2002

"more than 3,000 people scattered across 56 U.S. cities went out on the brief dating sessions that saw participants given eight minutes to quiz potential paramours about their backgrounds, turn-ons and turn-offs and any other items of interest."

KCRG-TV News - January 7th, 2003

"8minuteDating will host its first event in Cedar Rapids on Tuesday, January 14th, at Brick's Bar and Grill."

2002 Print Coverage

USA Today - December 12th, 2002

"It's a numbers game, like pulling the slots," he says. "Sooner or later, you'll hit the jackpot. Know what I mean?"

The Financial Express - November, 26th 2002

"All were well-educated, smart, professionals seeking lasting relationships. As the evening wore on, it looked like a win-win all around. The bartenders grinned at the brisk business on a Monday night, participants milled around excitedly chatting up new people."

Orlando Sentinel - October 15th, 2002

"Kim Jolie sits down at a candlelit table in the clubby, dark-green dining room of Sam Snead's Tavern, prepared for the perfect blind date." - August, 30th 2002

"Everybody was really nice and polite. And the minutes went by like that," she says, snapping her fingers."

Lifebeat Magazine - The Beat of Atlanta - August, 2002

More than 90 percent of all attendees report that they have met someone they want to see again through an event.

Maxim Online - July 22nd, 2002

"Maxim Online helps one lucky guy get his socks off."

WJBF - Atlanta - July 15th, 2002

"I love it. I think I’ll keep doing it until I find the one"

New Hampshire Union Leader - July, 8th 2002

"Eight dates in one night. It’s not just for guys in the NBA"

Providence Journal - July 2nd, 2002

She thought: "Have I got to the point where I've gotta do these type of events?' But once we were greeted by Amy, I was like, 'All right, this is kind of cool.' "

Worcester Telegram & Gazette - June 10th, 2002

"The goal is to find someone you might want to spend more time with."

New Jersey News - March 13th, 2002

"I'm not one to go up to a girl and say, 'Hey baby,'" says John733, a 35-year-old from Union County. "This seems easier."

Wall Street Journal - February 14th, 2002

"It made us realize our time is precious," he says. "And you’re not going to find a relationship sitting alone in your apartment."

2001 Print Coverage

Improper Bostonian - July 18th, 2001

Awarded "Boston's Best"

U.S. News & World Report - June 4, 2001

"Turbo dating has an appeal. Many psychologists believe face-to-face services are more successful than on-line matchmaking, since the Internet cannot convey body language. 8minuteDating avoids the awkwardness of a blind date.”

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