What MEN say about 8minuteDating

I enjoyed it greatly and it exceeded my expectations. Honestly, I thought it would be slim pickings but the quality of the people there was very good. I actually liked 4 of the 8 women I met.


Much better than the "other" services out there (7datesin 60minutes, HurryDate) because you picked a venue that you could actually hear the other people talk. I also like the break in the middle, it gives you a chance to catch your breath. You guys do it the best!


A lot more fun than I thought it would be, and a very nice group of people.


8minuteDating has all the plusses surrounding a first date, especially a blind date. You get to be yourself, no worries about getting personal information, everyone is nice, and 8 minutes goes by in a flash. I recommend it highly.


I really enjoyed meeting so many people. What I liked most about the 8minuteDating experience was that I got to meet women who wanted to meet people. It is really difficult to meet women in bars/clubs. 8minuteDating takes a lot of the guess work out of meeting people.


It was great to be in an environment were you could meet other people in such a friendly surrounding. Thank you for providing a pleasant evening.


It's really nice to meet someone in a relaxed atmosphere where there's no pressure and everyone is essentially there for the same reason.


8minuteDating rocks!!!


What women say about 8minuteDating

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